Field Practice Solutions (FPS)

Field Inspections using Drone Imagery for Sugarcane

GIS and Area measurement

Land surface model

Precision from Day 1

Measuring plantation area more quickly and precisely using Geographic Information Data.

Preparing the area better with Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) information.

Better Planning

Crop health monitoring and weed/disease detection provide insightful information for plannings and executions

Plant counting

Plant height

Crop health analysis

Weed and disease detection

Sugar content analysis

Yield measurement

Better Decisions

With ˚Brix and Yield Prediction data, crops can be harvested at the right time for maximum yield on the lowest cost.


All the data are organized and comprehensively visualized through HiveGrid to make it easier for the users.

How Does It Works

Data capture

Aerial pictures of your entire plantation are captured by VETAL, Vespa Hex or others.

Data upload

Simply upload your crop images and other gathered data from the drone to our cloud system.

Data processing

HiveGrid platform will extract information to help manage your plantation.