Crop Protection Drone Regulation Hearing

As a leader in the end-to-end agricultural drone manufacturer in Thailand, we are a part of CAAT hearing and advisory group.

Fighting the third wave of COVID-19 in Thailand with Obodroid

HG Robotics and Obodroid rapidly prepared 50 sets of Kaitomm Hospital for EID Clinic at Chulalongkorn Hospital and delivered within two days. Kaitomm Hospital is a software platform that provides a secured and private real-time video communication between doctors, nurses and patients in COVID-19 situation. Utilizing 4G/5G mobile network, Kaitomm Hospital can rapidly deploy without worrying about existing local network infrastructure.

A new TGD demonstration

Usability and functionality demonstration for our potential investors and partners. The new TGD is the best in class 10L drone. It will be available in the market soon.

FPS Webinar with Micasense

HG Robotics and BSFR lab from KKU hold an online webinar with Micasense to demo and discuss about a government funded project called Field Practice Solution (FPS). FPS is a sugarcane Brix and yield measurement data analytic system using a multispectral camera.

Thailand hit by the 3rd wave of COVID-19

The 3rd wave of COVID-19 hit Thailand this week. We remain calm and start working from home while keeping the robot moving and drone flying.

Drone as a Service Business Developement

As a leading end-to-end agricultural drone manufacturer in Thailand. We are working with both big and small enterprises to solve aging society issue in agricultural business. To make it safer and sustainable for both farmers and ourselves.

NAC2021 Virtual Seminar

Our CEO, Dr. Mahisorn Wongphati, join a panel list of a Thailand AI strategic and direction virtual seminar in NAC2021. NAC is an annual conference held by NSTDA.

True5G WorldTechX Grand Opening
Our Tiger Drone and Pinto robot became a part of advance 5G use cases in True5G WorldTechX. HG Robotics is working on many 5G business development with True Digital Group.
Tiger Drone Collaboration Demonstation

Together with a team from our Tiger Drone distribution partner, RCC. We successfully demonstrated Tiger Drone collaboration function for a special event in the Roi Jai Rak project, Chiang Mai.

VETAL for Wildfire Management in Chiang Rai

The first meeting with a wildfire protection team in Chiang Rai for an autonomous patrolling drone for wildfire detection, confirmation and prevention. The project is funding by GISTDA and using our custom version of VETAL.

RTN ASV Commissioning

Together with Marsun, we delivered the second ASV for the Naval Research & Development Office (NRDO) of the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) within four months.

qb First Demo

First demonstration of our QB delivery robot for a potential customer. QB is a full autonomous outdoor delivery robot that can travel on challenging walkway in Bangkok.

Royal Thai Navy (RTN)

ROBAS, an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) for river and coastal patrolling for the Royal Thai Navy. This project is a collaboration between us and Marsun Shipyard.


A very first flare stack inspection drone in Thailand for REPCO, a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals.


An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) prototype for PTT exploration and production (PTTEP). This project is a collaboration between us and KKU. This in the first phase of a pre-production model that finished in 2019.

Royal Thai Air Force (RATF)

A 6-meter wingspan UAV prototype project for Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF). The project is a collaboration between us and Marsun.

HiveGround Founded

HiveGround Co., Ltd. founded on 23 September 2011 by a group of former members of Engineering Innovator Club (EIC). EIC is a student robotic club in a Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

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