Your Smart Agricultural Drone

Dimension (mm)

1785 x 1690 x 630

Frame Arm Length

430 mm

Propeller Diameter

30.5" x 4

Spraying Speed

1.5 L / minute

Hovering Time
(without payload)

27 minutes


10 L


13 kg

Simple, Repeatable Planning

Simply define the area, then the waypoints will be automatically generated via HGMC for surveying, mapping or spraying missions. All missions are saved through a cloud and can be repeated whenever needed.

Effortless Operation With Autonomous Flight

Autonomous flight via HGMC software, the aircraft autonomously follows waypoints and commands generated including automatic takeoff and landing.

HiveGrid Certified

Fully compatible with fleet management enterprise platform, HiveGrid.
Manage and monitor the whole fleet at your fingertips via a single platform.

Key Features

A combination of a laser rangefinder and the intelligent filter makes a terrain following smooth and precise even in a noisy environment such as a sugar cane field.

Multiple dual-frequency RTK GPS module as an optional feature.

User-oriented design is made for easy maintenance, and high ground clearance allows for easy takeoff, even in the middle of the crop field.

Weather resistant aircraft allows you to continue your work through a light rain.